Hi and Thank You for inquiring about my Rent 2 Own homes. If you aren't familiar with Rent 2 Own already, let me tell you that it's one of the easiest ways for you to become a homeowner in today's market and could very well be the fastest.  And the best part is, you don't ever have to suck up to any banks to make this happen. 

If you're sick and tired of wasting money on rent month after month with nothing to show for it, this is definitely the opportunity you've been looking for.

But let me be honest... Rent 2 Own homes sell super quick so if you're serious about becoming a homeowner and just need someone to give you a chance, then you should act now. 

To get access to the home I have right now and any other's I'll have in the future, you need to provide me your contact information in the form to the right.  Once you do, you'll automatically start receiving emails from me about every Rent 2 Own home I have. 

Bottom line, if you can show me you're serious about becoming a homeowner and make a financial commitment towards the purchase of your home, I can pretty much Guarantee I can make you a homeowner "even if" I have to be the bank.  

"If I can't make you a homeowner, no one in this town can!"

Thanks and make sure to give me your information now so we can stay in touch.   

Mikk Sachar

PS. Rent 2 Own homes sell super quick! The last 5 I had SOLD after the 1st showing so make sure you act fast.
PPS. Hear what Rick S. of York has to say about my Rent 2 Own program "Mikk made the entire process of becoming a homeowner again simple, easy, and flawless. After 4 years of local banks, online lenders, real estate agents, and house flippers all telling me I can't qualify for a mortgage due to being self employed. Regardless of me having excellent credit, they all just looked at the bottom line on my tax return and said "sorry, can't help you".
Not only did Mikk understand my situation, but when he said he could help, he actually did. Mikk helped us get into a home with his rent to own program and a few months later helped me find a mortgage broker that is experienced with buyers in my situation. In another 6 days we go to closing. Mikk delivered on everything he said he would. In 9 months time Mikk helped me do what everyone kept saying was impossible and we proved them all wrong. It is absolutely true if Mikk Sachar can't help you, no one in this town can."

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